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Proxy Tracking Communication

Enabling PX tracking via a branded secured proxy host is supported. NGINX Configuration. This example uses a local nginx server (please add SSL on production deployments) # merged nginx.conf default.…

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Allowing Gainsight PX Access from within your Firewall

When configuring your firewall to allow Gainsight PX as a trusted source, please use the steps outlined below.

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Using PX with Content Security Policy (CSP)

Add a Content-Security-Policy to your web application to support Gainsight PX

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SOC-2 Type II Compliant

Independently audited by Kirkpatrick Price on three Trusted Service Principles: Security, Confidentiality and Availability. GDPR Compliant. Committed to continually monitoring the guidance around GDP…

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Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control. This article explains how role-based access control provides fine-grained access to relevant functionality that allows your team to safely work on designated areas of respo…

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Usage Tracking and Personally identifiable information (PII)

The Gainsight PX product as well as our customer success teams successfully work with many regulated / privacy-centric customers. Here are some common questions & answers: What data does PX capture a…

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Exclude and Mask Tracked Data

Gainsight PX tracks button clicks, link clicks and page-views automatically. If your app is using GET calls and passes tokens as part of the URL, Gainsight PX can be set to exclude or mask the parame…

Updated 3 months ago by Michael Alon

Identity HMAC Verification (SHA256)

Enabling identity verification means Gainsight PX will use HMAC id so we can have a secured way to validate that a logged in user doesn't try to impersonate as another user - this feature should be s…

Updated 4 months ago by Michael Alon